DemocracyOS is an online space for deliberation and voting on political proposals. It is a platform for a more open and participatory government. The software aims to stimulate better arguments and come to better rulings, as peers.

Welcome to the Documentation site. Here you’ll find information on how to install, use and extend DemocracyOS. If you see any error in this site please report a bug on the project’s Issues page. Or if you want to go a little further, fix it on and send a Pull Request.


If you want to talk to us or discuss something technical use the Gitter Room.

On the project’s Issues file any bug report or feature requests.

Getting Started

You can start by Installing DemocracyOS on your machine.

To start hacking, go to the Develop section.

And, if you want to have DemocracyOS up and running on production, read one of the Deploy guides.


Supports real browsers and IE10+.

Let us know!

if you are launching live instances of DemocracyOS don’t forget to email Matías Lescano (matias [at] so we can help you with communication from our networks. It’s also easier for us to let you know about new features and progress if we know who’s running the instances.